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Hotspotter allows you to access Internet at Hotspots such as airports, hotels, restaurants, gyms and more (check out the Hotspot Coverage Map). Subscribe today to connect and enjoy high speed internet at competitive prices.

Hotspotter keeps you connected

  • More affordable than 3G
  • No expensive hardware
  • Access to more than 600 Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide
  • Super Wifi super strong Wifi
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Hotspotter is a monthly subscription service where you pay R49 per month for 1GB of data, or R65 per month for 3GBs of data.

Super WiFi (Fibre Speeds, up to 1GBPS connection)
The big ā€œSā€ on the HOTSPOT FINDER indicates a Super WiFi Hotspot. This means you are in a super strong WiFi location that has big fibre pipes for high speed and good quality connection. Super WiFi Hotspots will give you the best WiFi experience and are geared up for high definition quality and high volumes of use. With Super WiFi you can watch videos, download apps and do all the cool things that need high speed connection, without draining your personal data. Take a seat, things are about to get fast.

Hotspotter, we keep you connected.